Aoyagi S.
Strong, smart and handsome
Здесь не хватает позитива. Путь будет.

We are not people of the fairytale, we different enough
To feel the sun on our skin, to think and love.
To touch the star may be impossible for us,
But we create and breathe in smells of world above the skies.
There are no dragons here that we can smash, defeat,
But we have plenty possibilities to meet.
There is no magic and no wizards with their spells,
But we can always break the doors of our shells.
We are not written or described, depicted.
We are alive and to the joys of life addicted.
While all the charming things created in the tales seem better,
One step ahead to sun is all that’s really matter.

@темы: Креатив, Мысли вслух