The Image of Seven Sins


Aoyagi S.
Strong, smart and handsome
It's not like I made myself a list,
Of new and different ways to murder your heart.
I'm just painting that's still wet,
If you touch me, I'll be smeared
You'll be stained,
Stained for the rest of your life

So turn around, walk away,
Before you confuse the way we abuse each other.
If you're not afraid of getting hurt,
Then I'm not afraid of how much I hurt you. (с)

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2010-09-04 в 13:51 

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Мнение — это вроде задницы, есть у всякого. © Саймон Грин
Класс. Спасибо, в песню я бы даже вслушиваться не стала.